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Vojtých Zach (history and characteristic)

Vojtých Zach started playing volleyball for club VO Vavex P°Ýbram. With this club he won 3 champion titles in cadet category and one champion title in junior category. At the same years he was a player of National cadet and junior team. With the National team till 17 years, he won bronz medal on the University championship in Moskow 1998, and the same medal in Danzig in Poland ( Europe championship). After becoming a senior, Zach won bronze medal in the Czech extraligue with team VO Vavex P°Ýbram. Then he changed the club in Czech extaligue and became a player of VK Jihostroj ╚eskÚ Budýjovice. In this club he was very successful. During his five years stay in this club, the club won one bronze medal and three gold medals inline (2006 - 2009). In 2007 Vojtých Zach was a player of National Czech team. In the seasons 2007/08 and 2008/09 he played Champions league with VK Jihostroj ╚eskÚ Budýjovice. After this success he changed the club and country and became a player of Nancy volley, French league pro B.

Vojtých Zach is mostly a complex player with well-balanced volleyball skills. In this volleyball season 2010/11 he is constatntly holding the first place in the statistics of reception.


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